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Nikolai Wyderka
Welcome to my Website!

My main interests are the quantum marginal problem, characterization of multipartite and higher dimensional states, quantum channels and error correction.

Things I contribute to and which you might enjoy:

AMETableAMETable.net: A table concerned with the existence of absolutely maximally entangled states in different dimensions and particle numbers.
Includes references for non-existence proofs and constructions.

Maintained together with Felix Huber.

QGeoQGeo: A python toolkit for all sorts of quantum information calculations.
Works with Python 2 and Python 3. Pull requests welcome!


Building 25.32
Room 03.56
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: mail-address


Below, you will find a list of my work. Additionally, you can find my at ORCID and the arXiv.